I’ve always been a fan of lifelong learning. Besides reading various books and publications I also like taking online courses on various MOOC platforms, as well as attending live workshops, seminars and conferences. In the table below you can find a non-exhaustive list of my diplomas, certificates and statements of accomplishments. It is updated on a monthly basis.

If you see a course that seems interesting to you but you are unsure if it is worth your time, feel free to contact me and I’ll share my experience with you.


Table: List of diplomas, certificates and statements of accomplishments

Date Certificate
2016-12-10 Visual Management (3-course set):
Introduction to Visual Management (Certificate)
Tools and Techniques of Visual Management (Certificate)
The Path to Visual Management (Certificate)
2016-12-07 A3 Problem Solving (4-course set):
An Introduction to A3 Problem Solving (Certificate)
Filling out the Sections of an A3 (Certificate)
Examples of A3′s Used in Work Environments
How to Effectively Manage A3s Within Your Organization (Certificate)
2016-12-05 Kaizen Coordination and Management (6-course set):
The Lean Committee (Certificate)
Lean Communication (Certificate)
Lean Meetings (Certificate)
Team Member Selection (Certificate)
Kaizen Event Charter and Tracking (Certificate)
4 Weeks Prior to Kaizen Event (Certificate)
2016-12-02 Kaizen Workshop (3-course set):
Value of the Kaizen Workshop (Certificate)
Stages of the Kaizen Workshop Process (Certificate)
Review of the Key Kaizen Workshop Forms
2016-05-27 Playing Lean Facilitator (Diploma)
Tore Rasmussen, Playing Lean
2016-02-23 Introduction to R (Certificate)
2015-12-12 Presentations that Grow Business (Certificate)
Jason Teteak, Udemy
2015-12-12 Micro Expressions Training and Body Language for Lie Detection (Certificate)
Patryk Wezowski and Kasia Wezowski, Udemy
2015-12-07 The Secrets of Body Language (Certificate)
Vanessa Van Edwards, Udemy
2015-05-07 Programming for Everybody (Python) (Statement of Accomplishment with Distinction)
University of Michigan, Coursera
2015-04-29 International Leadership and Organizational Behavior (Statement of Accomplishment with Distinction)
Università Bocconi, Coursera
2014-01-31 Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence (Statement of Accomplishment)
Case Western Reserve University, Coursera
2014-01-26 LinkedIn Success Strategies (Certificate)
Sara Greenfield, Udemy
2014-01-21 Organizational Analysis (Statement of Accomplishment with Distinction)
Stanford University, Coursera
2013-07-11 Master of Mechanical Engineering Cum Laude (Diploma)
University of Zagreb, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture
2012-02-16 University Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering (Diploma)
University of Zagreb, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture