Strategyzer Bootcamp

Strategyzer Bootcamp 2018.


As a senior innovation coach at DNB my job is no less than fixing corporate innovation. We are moving away from a portfolio of products and services to a portfolio of business models. While product and service innovations are important, they by themselves are not enough to fuel the growth we’d like to see.

Kaizen spirit by Masaaki Imai

Kaizen og Lean Inspirasjons dag med Masaaki Imai


Today I had the great honour of meeting Mr. Masaaki Imai, a figure that should be well known by all those involved with Lean. A quick summary would be: a guy who brought kaizen philosophy outside of Japan, who worked with Kaoru Ishikawa (TQM) and Taiichi Ohno (TPS), and still keeps going strong in his late eighties.

Planet Lean – Games as a way to coach and teach lean thinking


Honoured and humbled!

My article on using games to coach and teach Lean thinking just got published on Planet Lean. I hope that the Lean community will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! It goes without say that I also hope you find some value in reading it. Games mentioned in the article are Playing Lean and getKanban.

Thank you Roberto Priolo, Alister Lee, Simen Fure Jørgensen, Tore Rasmussen, Russell Healy, and numerous others who are part of my Lean journey.

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On Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

During the Second World War, U.S. government initiated an improvement programme “Training Within Industry” with aims of providing education regarding the importance of continuous improvement (CI). After the war, CI was taught to post-war Japan through works of Deming and Juran (Shingo and Robinson, 1990). Based on those lectures, Japanese developed their own way of CI thinking, nowadays known as kaizen (Imai, 1986).

Quality Management Frameworks

Quality Management Frameworks


Besides previously discussed Quality Management Systems (QMS), there are also Quality Management Frameworks (QMF) which aim to provide guidance. Companies can use these frameworks to benchmark the performance of their QMS, and can use the guidance of QMF to strive for excellence.

Quality Philosophers

SpaceX, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, United States.


Previously presented definitions of quality could be considered new, but philosophy of quality is far from new. Well known Greek philosopher and polymath Aristotle considered qualities as hylomorphically  formal attributes, and described four types of qualitative opposites: correlatives, contraries, privatives and positives (Whitaker, 1996).